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About Us

Tentdraping.com is a division of Rentaland Tents and Events, a family owned and operated business for over 20 years in Orlando Florida.

Rentaland saw the need in the event industry for an upscale Decor Service to elevate the typical tent or venue event with fabric enhancements. Through research we have found that the draping market is pricing these services beyond what the typical bride or client can pay for. As a solution, Rentaland decided to create the Tentdraping.com. This division is to lower the cost to all clients by becoming a manufacturer of fabric enhancements in the tent and venue draping industry. With our ability to provide the service to clients ourselves, we are able to give them better prices than the standard draping companies.

Our event design team can design and install custom draping for Tents, Ceilings, structures, Tall draping, and Back-Drop Draping. Within our 1600 Sq Ft design studio, we house, cut and sew each piece for your event. Because we do not have to support an entire company on this service, we are able to lower the cost and customize draping better for the client’s event. In addition, we own the tents that the draping and liners are installed in, and for this reason, we are able to pass the significant savings onto our clients.

We are one of the first, if not, THE first, rental company in Central Florida that is capable of providing an all-in-house customized service without hiring a third-party provider. In the long run, we are giving more power to the client in the design process and turning their vision into reality.

Ultimately, it is… Your Event! Your Way! Your Budget!

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